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Vanuatu Emergency Relief

Vanuatu is highly exposed to cyclones, often experiencing several per year with varying ferocity. In March 2015, Cyclone PAM hit Vanuatu with devastating force. Our response has included re-housing over 1200 families with new homes or roofs and serving almost a million meals to families in desperate need (read more here).

Rebuilding Homes

Will you give toward rebuilding a home for a Ni-Vanuatu family? An entire cyclone-proof home costs an average of only $1600 to build, depending on location (thanks to the generosity of our industry donors and our fine-tuned locally staffed manufacturing system!) Giving part or all of this amount has a huge impact on many lives, and keeps on giving to a family every day!

Digging Wells

In 2016, we started the exciting new work of drilling wells for needy Ni-Vanuatu villages without water supplies! This has immense impact on each community, meeting the most basic of human needs. Our drilling truck digs down to twenty metres depth, after which hand pumps are installed. Hygienically-drawn well water is much more sanitary than other local options, which often require long travel on foot carrying dirty water. Will you sponsor the complete installation of a well and pump for only $400?

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